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Sep 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
hall. president barack obama is condemning the attacks that killed the uus ambassador to libya... christopher stevens... and three american staff.the rocket attack on the american consulate happened yesterday in benghazi.the deaths came as protesters obama said he ordered all pt..-3 necessary resources to support the security of our peronnel in libya and to increase security at our diilomatic posts aroond the globe. police identify the elderly couple found dead in their pikesville home... and now the couple's grandson ii missing. missing.police were called to this home on olmstead road monday afternoon fter a neighbor saw a man's body through the window.the couple are 87 year old caughn and 85 year old marjorie pepper.there were no siggs f forced entry... police are also looking for the couplee adult grandson.. who lived inside the home with them... and is missing this morning. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, ever. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neighborly stuff, so t's a shock, but... they were both very elderly, so it's hard to say wha
Sep 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
u-s consulate in libya killed several people including the u-s ambassador.the u-s is now vowinn to avengeethe killings. it's moving warships toward the libyan coast and preparing to track the suspectee perpetrators with surveillance drones. a maryland fugitiie is in custody today.. and it's all thanks to facebook.police say 29-year-old dyllan otto naecker was captured... after his giilfriend lickee "like" on a virginia sheriff's facebook page.naecker is a registered sex offender... who allegedly fled thh area without telling police.both he and his girlfriend are now facing charges. you may start thinking twice... aaout what you order next time you visit a "mcdonalds."that's because the fast food chain will start posting calorie counts on its menus... both inside the restaurant and at the drive-through. the change was expected to happen anyway... but not this soon. that's because thh health care reform law requires chain rrstaurants to post calorie counts... but no timeline was given for when that requirement should take effect. 3 former n-f-l player chad "ochocinco" johnson wil
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2